Galilee General Hospital Welcomes World-Renowned Spine Surgeon Dr. Isador H. Lieberman, MD, Plano, TX, 75093 Dr. Lieberman, along with Dr. Mark Kayanja, established the Uganda Charitable Spine Surgery Mission. The two and a team of surgeons visit Uganda each year to educate those who serve and treat the less privileged with spinal afflictions. More

Galilee Community General-Jewish Hospital


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We have developed a tradition of outstanding medical care here at Galilee Medical Center (Jewish Foundation). Everyone is welcome at Galilee Community General Jewish Hospital, we are a non-denominational community hospital that stays true to our founder's principle of diginity, compassion and high quality medical care for all. Here at Galilee Hospital we cannot dictate anyone's spiritual belief, but hopes to shift their focus.

As for every person has the choice to focus on positive examples, an example of spiritual human behavior at its best where people making conscious decisions to live and work together from all denominations. "We can not avoid our responsibility, we Embrace them. "We have to accept obligations to one another and future generations. If you can make a difference please join the team and we thank you!!.

Rabbi Aaron Malinsky.
President Board of Directors, Hospital Chaplain.
Everyone is welcome at Galilee Community Jewish General Hospital.We are a non-denominational community hospital that stays true to our founders's principle of diginity, compassion and high quality medical care. Galilee Community Jewish Hospital is commited to quality healthcare and patient safety, participatintt in a variety of state and national innitiatives. VOLUNTEER PROGRAM AVAILABLE

Mr. Arnold W. McClain CA (USA)
Advisory to the Hospital Management.
Galilee Community General-Jewish Hospital’s care extends into the community. Expanding healthcare work training and patient education towards disease prevention and best treatment options. Also Helping close malaria treatment gap in outer localittes. Through direct engagement & collaboration with local non-governmental organizations(NGOs), multilateral organizations(MLOs) & Governments, we strive to implement sustainable life saving programs.   The Hospital is fully angaged in Free Immunisation Program and Free ARVS to HIV/AIDS patients in the country.

Our Visitors final day at the Hospital, It was honor to have Dr Brian Berman MD Pediatrician-in-Chief Beaumont Children's Hospital and his lovely wife Nora. Thank you for your precious time shared with us and the donations much appreciated !   Rabbi Aaron Malinsky after the immunization session at  General Hospital   participated in our weekly FREE Immunization program. Many children were Immunized that week. We appreciate your time shared with the community especially during the children's immunization session.

 Dr. Isador H. Lieberman, MD, Spine surgery mission to Uganda